Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Paxon Fettel - Hunters Vigil EP

Something a little different from TIWWD now as we delve into the realms of slo-mo house. Slo-mo house bordering on downtempo/ambient, even.

As such I'm not gonna say too much cos it's not really my area of expertise, but of the three tracks, I'd suggest Dampen has the most obvious house feel to it. But it's actually the lilting, wistful Amplify I'm liking the most. All told, though, this is a really rather lovely EP you should check out immediately.

Out: 30 Sept

About: This is on Falk Recordings, a label who are based in Germany and who definitely tend towards quality over quantity, given that this is only their seventh release in about three years. If you like your electronic music on the thoughtful and experimental side, Falk's a label you should definitely be checking for.

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