Thursday, 1 September 2011

Kenny Ground - Eleven

Some nicely varied remixes on this latest offering from Swiss house imprint Southpark Records.

The original of Eleven is a pleasingly old-skool houser with Chicago-style synth stabs, almost garage-y female vocal snips and insistent, driving 4/4s throughout, not to mention a more contemporary-sounding Afro-y breakdown in the middle that saves it from being mere retro fodder. On the remix tip, Mad Raf & Tom Zenith strip things right down for a more percussive take that'll work on more laddy tech-house floors, Roberto Palmero’s Hot Remix is a more sophisticated n’ sultry rub, while Massa take us down a more upbeat but somewhat darker path.

Like I said, quite a varied mix package, but I could see myself playing at least three of the four in different circumstances… which makes this a very solid bet, n'est-ce pas?

Out: This week

About: Southpark can be found at their website, on MySpace and on Soundcloud (where you can HEAR THIS). And here's what Resident Advisor have to say about ’em as well, just for luck.

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