Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bledbox – The Frogmen EP

Now here's a record that certainly couldn't be accused of being overly 'polite'. But don't be put off by the horror-tastic cover – The Frogmen EP isn't the horrible gore-step noise you might be expecting. Instead, it's dubstep of the kind that's big and bold enough to draw youngsters onto the floor to throw themselves about, yet has enough sonic depth to suit more discerning ears too.

The title track features a literal frog chorus (rhythmic ribbits, if you like), a suitably sub-aquatically bubblin' bassline and moody, glacial synth stabs. Storage Wars is dark and sci-fi-esque, while Ice Age VIP is more the kind of bass-fest that'll appeal to D&B lovers, but with a strong influence from the more esoteric end of techno as well (there's an 808 break in middle that could have come straight off a Drexciya record).

All told, a strong EP, and best of all, it's free to download! Rude not to…

Out: Now

About: To grab a copy of The Frogmen EP for yourself, hit up Dub Force One – the label responsible – on Bandcamp. Oh, and I should also thank the folks at cos that's where I found this one.

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