Friday, 9 September 2011

Demian Jack – Holograma

Not much given in the way of info here. And when I say 'not much', I mean 'precisely nothing'. So I can't tell you where Mr Jack (if that's his real name, and frankly I doubt it) is from, or what other labels he's had releases on, or where he's a resident DJ, or anything like that. Cos I don't know.

I suppose I could always look him up on Twitter and tell you what he had for lunch OMG LOL WTF!? But I'd sooner just tell you this is a quality piece of house music that I'd personally want to file under 'sort of the tech-house end of prog'. It pulls off the trick of constantly evolving without ever seeming overcrowded or going over the top… which is good.

The Checkor Remix on the B starts out even better, taking its own sweet time about slowly emerging out of a contrasting sweet-sounding synth wash and insistent gated kick… but then after about four minutes it goes a bit boy's-own-prog-unnecessary, so it's the original all the way for me.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on that Essex-based bastion of all things tech-housified, Stripped Digital.

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