Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Sneekers - Sexy Disco

Disco is definitely the name of the game on this funky little cut from Stripped Digital. But you do get three quite different mixes to play with.

The Original works a kind of midtempo disco-house vibe, and here it's pretty much all about a monster of a bassline, one that reminds me (rather a lot, actually) of Loverush's Same Ol' Thing, which came out on Credence, ooh, years ago.

Then you get Ed Lee's Disco Mix, which plays down the b-line and ditches the rather 80s "I can't get enough" vocal, but adds tuffer beats, a spoken vocal breakdown ("in the beginning, before house, before acid, techno, before all of that… we had disco") and shedloads of brass, wukka-wukking guitars and cowbells. And then finally, the Days Off Remix, which uses both vocals, and is the one that'll appeal most to lovers of synthy nu-disco of the Nang/Tirk/etc variety.

I'm digging all three rubs, making this a very solid bet for sure.

Out: This week

About: This comes, as stated, on Norman H's Essex-based label Stripped Digital

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