Thursday, 1 September 2011

Jangatha - When I'm With You

From tech-house to dubstep and now to uptempo disco vibes… you can't accuse TIWWD of not mixing it up a bit, can you?

There's been no shortage of disco-house revival bizness coming from Sean Biddle’s Bid Muzik label this past couple of years, and a lot of it's been pretty good. But When I’m With You is in a different league altogether. This is disco-house done as it should be… it doesn’t sound like some horrible cheesy Hed Kandi ‘funky house’ cut. It doesn't even sound like late 90s filter disco… instead, it sounds like nothing so much as those classic Morales, Negro or Farley+Heller mixes you used to get on Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul 12s back in the early 90s.

Coming from this unashamed former handbagger, that's praise indeed. I can't even be bothered going into the finer nuances of the remixes from Lennox and Steve Navarro… all you need to know is, When I’m With You is ace. Come on, let’s boogie.

Out: This week

About: Find the Chicago-based Bid Muzik on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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