Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sunner Soul & Sergey Silvertone - Shadow Dancer EP

More top-quality deep house bizniss here from the ever-dependable Tokyo Red Recordings.

Shadow Dancer itself is a chunk of deep n' dreamy house with sumptuous pads, a nicely understated sax riff and a steady, walking b-line… perfect for warm-up or afterhours play. Filling Of Time, up next, features vocal snips (presumably from Lenya Goo, who's added to the credits for this and the next track?), and is in a similarly laidback kinda vein but perhaps just a little more floor-friendly. If you're playing to a floor that likes it nice and deep, anyway! And then finally Latin Under is by far the most upbeat and funktified of the three cuts, being most reminiscent of classic 'Brit deep' of the late 90s (think Paper, Toko, Nuphonic etc).

Just lovely deep grooves all round, really.

Out: This week (today, in fact)

About: You should be aware of Tokyo Red by now, I bang on about 'em enough! But here's their MySpace, plus the website for the main man, my boy DJ Sydney.

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