Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fresh 27 feat Robina - Together

Don't review a huge amount of 'soulful house' on here these days, partly cos there isn't as much of it about and partly cos what there is tends often to be a bit limp, I'm finding. But here's a track that'll suit the more soulfully-inclined nicely.

The original's a laidback, White Isle-friendly affair with a sweet breathy/whispery vocal from Robina, some unashamed sax parpery and dreamy washes galore. You then get no fewer than SIX remixes, so I'm not gonna go into every one, suffice to say that Dave Fortnum's Sunglaze Remix is the place to head if you want it beefed up a notch, Perspex People's After Dark Mix is also a good bet for floorplay and the SBRO Remix is probably the deepest trip on offer, while Soulreason Of House's 'We're Meant To Be Beach House' Edit is possibly the best-named remix in the history of mucking about with other people's records.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on new-ish (this is number 9) UK label Kula Recordings, which is Fresh 27 AKA Martyn Thompson's own label. Here's their website and Facebook

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