Tuesday, 27 September 2011

EZLV - Extended Weekend

Kent's Trendy Mullet Recordings come good here with some more top-quality deep house bizniss, this time courtesy of a pair of French Canadians called Ezekiel and Louis Vee. So you can see where they got the name from.

In total you get two mixes of Extended Weekend itself, plus bonus cut Soul Dwelling. In its Original form, Extended Weekend is a midpaced, warm-up/comedown, headnodding/sofa surfing kinda choon, with snatches of sampled speech plus an omnipresent 'dum dum dum' vocal, pads galore and of course, those all-important insistent kicks. Fellow French Canadian Maher Daniel then provides a remix which ups the dancefloor ante somewhat with rather more driving percussion, though it's still one strictly for the deeper floors.

Soul Dwelling, meanwhile, is a slightly more upbeat affair with about as much of a 'euphoric' vibe about it as deep house ever gets, a female voice intoning 'soca, soca' (I think) and a blissful piano lead. Balearic niceness abounds, in other words.

Out: This week

About: Can't believe this is Trendy Mullet's 24th release yet it's only recently they've really started to register on the TIWWD radar… which I guess goes to show just how hard it is to make an impression amidst the general bewildering profusion of indie start-up labels. Either that, or I'm just getting old and losing my touch, but that couldn't be it, surely? Ahem. Anyway, you can find them online here (website), here (Soundcloud) and indeed here (FB)

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