Friday, 2 September 2011

Submerse - Bento Box

Cheshire-based Submerse is a regular on Sub.FM and has had a handful of EPs out on various labels to date. Now he steps up on Sounds Of Sumo with a four-tracker that, as the name suggests, is something of a selection box of styles.

Monster, for instance, is a bassline-meets-dubstep-meets-trance-meets-electro club banger that really isn't TIWWD's cup of tea at all, to be frank. The EP's other stomper, Need To Know, is a bit better but it's still music aimed at 17-year-olds. Never fear, though. Because also lurking on this EP are Stay With Me and Move On, two lovely slabs of deeply chilled future garage. The very lovely Move On, in particular, sounds like it could be an out-take from Donna Dee's classic Spellbound album.

Given that your humble correspondent rates Spellbound as one of the best electronic music albums of the 90s, that's saying something.

Out: This week… and I think there are some remixes to follow next week.

About: You can find Sounds Of Sumo at their website, on Facebook and - to HEAR THIS - on Soundcloud.

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