Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sean McCabe & Stephanie Cooke - Just A Little Bit

King Street's not-at-all-fierce ruling diva (I've met her, she's lovely, and a very classy lady) teams up with rising UK star Sean McCabe, which you have to think must be something of a dream come true for the young lad from south Wales.

Just A Little Bit is one for those who like their soulful house/USG in the traditional vein, for sure. Mix-wise you get three from McCabe himself, two from Black Sonix and one from Marlon D but to be honest they don't vary hugely… still, if pushed, I'd go for Marlon D's rub, which while still using the full vocal, strips things back a little musically for a slightly less sweet sound.

My personal tastes might have moved in a deeper/techier direction in recent years, but this is exactly the kind of thing I used to feen for and it's good to see that there are still those pushing that sumptous, Jersey-inspired vocal vibe… and this oozes quality from every pore. With not a lame-ass broken Afro-jazz rub in sight!

Out: This week

About: You know where to find King Street by now, surely? They're on Facebook as well. Oh, and you can find out more about Mr McCabe here.

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