Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mendo & Hector Couto - The First Underdog EP

The first release from a brand new label here… and on this evidence, Underdog Music will be a welcome arrival on the scene.

It's a split affair. Hector Couto's Whisper, on one side, is a chugging tech-houser with jaunty, swinging, almost garage-y beats and fem vocal snips, while Telefunk, also from Couto, is a slightly more heads-down, chuggier number but still with plenty of funk its veins. On the other side, meanwhile, Mendo gives us Apache, which is in a similar driving tech-house vein, this time utilising crowd noise and some plainitive… sirens? whistles? Or perhaps some kind of First Nations instrument I'm not aware of?

Whatever it is making the noise I'm failing to describe very well on Apache, though, all told what we have here are three very useful tech-house bullets for your dancefloor arsenal.

Out: This week

About: Underdog Music is a new offshoot of the Underdog Bookings DJ agency, who can be online at their own website or on Facebook.

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