Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wasabi - Musik

I almost didn't get the chance to review this cos the promo wouldn't DL for ages... then when I finally did manage to get hold of it, I COULD have gone into a massive sulk cos the label just wouldn't have it that the thing wasn't working… yes I know what Alt-clicking does, thanks, it just doesn't ruddy well WORK, does it? Several increasingly patronising emails later I was about ready to do some serious toy-depramming...

BUT Musik was too good to ignore, so here it is, and what a fine piece of jazz-inspired deep house groovery it is. True, it doesn't do a lot in its original form, consisting of just tinkling ivories and a looped "music!" vocal over some shufflesome beats, but what it does, it does very well. Portugal's Fred Vision provides a remix that adds a little atmos and some nice vibes, while the Bastard Boys chuck in a bunch of added FX. All three mixes are more DJ tools rather than peaktime stompers in their own right – but then we all need a few of those handy…

Out: Since Monday (June 6)

About: This is on Erase Records, who are based in Thessaloniki and London, apparently… find 'em on MySpace here.

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