Friday, 4 June 2010

El Mundo & Satori - The Boat That Rocked

The latest from 90Watts, a label that's only real come to my attention this year (even though they've apparently been going since 2008) but that's definitely on my must-check list at the mo'.

The Boat That Rocked is a rolling, upbeat dancefloor deep houser with a preacherman-style vocal that's thankfully not too OTT; also if you really can't hack the vocal there's a Speechless Dub for your vocal-shunning pleasure included too so ya can't really grumble. Also included is a Daniel Sanchez 6 Minutes Of Love Remix, which ups the rollicking good times factor for a mix that's just a little bit more main room, but still very playable.

You also get two mixes of bonus cut Stay Tuned. This is slightly more tech-tinged in its beats, but keeps the rolling, discofied kinda feel at the same time, and also has a looped female vocal: in fact, think a slightly tougher, more contemporary take on late 90s filter disco/disco house and you wouldn't be far off. Mulder's remix is a more stripped-down take, that takes us into more Sneak-y, jackin' pastures.

All told, five tracks/mixes and I'd happily play any one of 'em – what more can a boy ask for really?

Out: This week

About: As discussed, this comes from 90watts, whose label boss Jens De Langer sent me a nice email recently saying thanks for the support on TIWWD - always nice to know someone appreciates your efforts and you aren't just randomly sending out words into cyberspace. He also sent me his own forthcoming single Arcturian Armitrage; that's out in a couple of weeks (Americans: note correct use of 'of' there) so watch this space, in the meantime check out the 90watts website.

In other news, I am busting a 70s blow-wave look on the hair front today, and have just been watching a wood pigeon be a bit rubbish at sitting on the telephone cable outside my window. And when I say 'a bit rubbish', I mean he was about 11.02% better at perching on telephone cables than you or I might be, it was quite funny to watch. Just thought I'd share that.

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