Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Justin Michael & Dave Mayer - Lost In The Music

Featuring one Maiya on vocals, this is the latest from the mighty Salted. Migs' label seems to be going through a bit of a script-flipping phase at the moment, and Lost In The Music continues the trend, being a somewhat more big room/White Isle affair compared to the usual San Fran underground vibes. It's still a good record though, with a nice balance between the dark, techy beats, the almost electrohouse-style synths and the traditional soulful vocal.

Well, that's the Original Mix, anyway – but then there are a further six remixes to consider. And thankfully, these eschew the opportunity to go all-out commercial, instead taking various paths to a place marked 'quite a bit deeper'. Those in search of that quintessential Salted vibe will probably be best served by the Christian Alvarez Saxophonic Freak Dub, there's a hint of old skool Chi-town to the Nightrhymes Remix, but if pushed I'd go for the Funky Soldiers Dub, which does that wonky, pad-y, 4am dancefloor thang.

The remixes are pretty much all better than the original, but with seven mixes in total this is a solid bet.

Out: This week

About: Salted need no introduction but here's their website anyway.

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