Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Giano - Stella In The Starlight

Okay, here's one that WILL suit the Unashamed Disco Dollies™ – in its Original Mix form, this is about as cheesy as TIWWD cares to get. BUT while it is quite cheesola, it's still much closer to, say, Joey Negro than it is to something really horrible like, say, Lady… and it's got some wicked parping sax and some equally ace tinkling ivories and scat vox. So yeah, a bit of a guilty pleasure but I like it. So nyer.

For more earnest types, there's also a Dave Allison mix which is on a slo-mo deep house tip – it sounds a bit like the original, played at -8 and minus the vox – and a Sleazy McQueen Space Coast Dub, wherein Mr McQ takes us on a journey into nu-disco pastures. So there's something to suit quite a range of jocks, really.

Out: This week

About: This is on Alphabet, a Washington DC/Chicago-based label who are apparently some 13 releases deep but who haven't until now done much promo… as far as I can see they've currently got a website with nothing on it but you can HEAR/BUY their shizzle at Traxsource so all is not lost!

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