Monday, 21 June 2010

Sunner Soul feat Sergey Silvertone - In My Head EP

More deep house goodness from Russia, courtesy of Vintage Music Records.

Sunner Soul (real name Alexander Chebankov) first came to my attention with The Circles on Acryl Music last summer: "on this evidence, one to watch" I said in iDJ at the time. Here he teams up with one Sergey Silvertone (real name: probably not Silvertone) and I'm watching. Or rather listening. You know what I mean.

And yeah, the In My Head EP ('EP' is pushing it a bit, given that it's just two tracks, but never mind) doesn't disappoint. True, it doesn't really do much that's particularly groundbreaking but then how many deep house records do, if we're being honest? In My Head is one of those drifty-and-dreamy-but-still-dancefloor cuts that, at 4am in a proper deep house club, will briefly be The Best Record You Ever Heard. Perfect Race is a slightly more accessible track with a distinctly Ibiza-esque vibe; it's perfectly fine (and not cheesy, don't worry), but In My Head is the one… expect to hear it on the next radio show. Unless I forget, of course. Which, to be fair, DOES happen.

Out: 26 June

About: This is on Vintage Music Records out of Russia, as I think I said. I think it's Chebankov's own label, and this is their fourth release to date. Not sure I've heard 'em all but I was definitely impressed by Suel's Drifting which was their last one – that came out in late April and it was ace, sadly there was some confusion over release dates at the time which meant it missed out on a review either here OR in iDJ! So once more with feeling: Vintage Music Records are "on this evidence, one to watch" :-) Here's their MySpace.

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