Sunday, 20 June 2010

Audrey Mute & Jellyfish - Trouble In The Attic

This is quite a bit harder and more in-your-face than would normally find its way onto TIWWD, but I promised 'em a review ages ago… and it's actually all right as this kind of instantly accessible noise goes, the kind of thing you probably wouldn't (all right, I probably wouldn't) listen to at home, but might jump up and down to in field in a festival-type situation, or something.

Big brash electro-house-breakbeat is the order of the day, with just the one mix of Trouble In The Attic and one of B-side 3D Metric keeping things nice and simple. 3D Metric is the slightly groovier and housier of the two, so would be my pick…

Out: This week

About: Audrey Mute & Jellyfish are Russian, apparently, and this is on Broken Robot Records, which is a great name - I've got a house full of broken robots. Anyway if you visit the Broken Robot website you can HEAR THESE TRACKS and also download a free AM&J DJ mix, if you've a mind to…

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