Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Trevor Vichas - Just In Love

This ties in quite well with the Bearfunk release below, cos it too has old school funk/soul leanings - albeit just a little bit in this case - and cos it too is on a label I've raved about lots. But then it's MY blog, innit?

Think your typical west coast house gone a tiny bit Prince (vocally, though said vocal is used qute restrainedly) and you've got the general idea here. There are five mixes in total but I'd suggest there's two that really matter: label bosses Short Bus Kids' rub for the dancefloor, and 3C's Very Deep Dub, which isn't actually THAT uber-deep or anything but WILL suit those late-night sessions with a sofa and a large, hand-rolled cigarette very nicely indeed, thank you.

Out: This week. Ooh, no, last week. Doh. Ah well.

About: This is on Bounce House, which is the SBKs' label as discussed. Website here.

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