Sunday, 27 June 2010

Afghan Headspin - Total Recall

Rocstar are labelling Total Recall "breaks/dubstep" but in the interests of not calling a spade a two-handed digging and earth-shifting solution, let's be honest – it really ain't nothin' but classic rave/hardcore, of an ilk that calls to mind Jonny L or Acen records from daze of yore.

Oh all right, the Schema and Eschericks remixes do both add some gnarly dubstep bottom end (satisfyingly in Schema's case; the Eschericks mix is a bit kiddy-clownstep for me). But for me it's the 1992-sounding Original with its chipmunk vox, rave stabs and sparse-sounding breakbeats all the way. Now, where's me whistle?

Out: Today, if the hype sheet is to believed. Who puts tracks out on a Sunday, though?

About: This is on Rocstar, always a label that's always worth checking on that tuffer, breaks-meets-house kinda tip. Rocstar is run by Lee 'Cut La Roc' Potter and you can find their MySpace here.

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