Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rudy's Midnight Machine - Open To Your Love

I ask you: how can you NOT love a record by anyone called 'Rudy's Midnight Machine'? If I saw a record by 'Rudy's Midnight Machine' and it was a white label with nothing else written on it, I'd buy it on the strength of the name alone. Well, I would assuming it was, like, £2 in Oxfam and not £500 or something. I probably wouldn't have that much cash on me, for starters.

Thankfully in this instance, my £2 would have been well spent… but then again as this is the latest offering from the Faze Action camp, what the hell did you expect? The eponymous Rudy is actually Faze Action's own Robin Lee in solo mode, and the four tracks on this EP - vocal and dub takes on Open To Your Love itself, plus bonus cuts Dib Dab and Street Museum - tread a fine line between epic disco, 80s boogie and vintage Balearic house. The synth bassline on Dib Dab will be of particular interest for lovers of that boogie/proto-garage sound à la Easy Street et al.

Class in the proverbial glass. Don't miss it.

Out: This week

About: As stated this is the latest from the brothers Lee's own label, Faze Action Records. They don't seem to have bothered with a label website so much, so here's the Faze Action MySpace instead.

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