Monday, 21 June 2010

Grant Dell - House Tribute EP

Well, it's been a funny old day. Frank Sidebottom died, which was bad. But a few people have been listening to the radio show thingummy, which is good… and I seem to have acquired Slam as followers, which I'm obviously quite chuffed about! Anyway best keep that ball rolling, so on with this week's dose of inane house music-related banter.

First up, this EP from Grant Dell which features the title track, plus Kozak and two mixes of Don't Need Ya. As you'd expect from Croydon scene stalwart Dell, dark, driving tech-house is the order of the day generally, though House Tribute itself is a touch lighter with a slight Sneak/disco kinda feel around the edges. The Angel Alanis rub of Don't Need Ya is also a bit more on the house than the tech side so don't worry disco dollies, there's nothing to be frightened of here!

Out: Today

About: Grant Dell's been around for years but hit up his Discogs entry for more info if ya need! This meanwhile is on Boston, USA-based label Headtunes, who themselves keep a rather natty and goodies-packed blog and who can also be found on MySpace. Here's the hype sheet blurb about 'em:

Since 2005 Headtunes have released music by respected underground producers including Audio Soul Project, Pete Dafeet, Dexter, Sleazy McQueen, Dexter and Jay West alongside up and coming talents such as Brenden Wesley, Markus Mehta, Matt Prehn and Bass Experiment. Their diverse sound covers everything from nu disco through house and techno.

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