Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tim 'Lo-Fi' Stoakes - Strange Days

Strange days indeed as Tim 'Lo-Fi' actually manages to find a new and inventive use for Chic's Good Times

Sounds unlikely, I know, but wait till you've heard that famous vocal loop stuttered and echoed over a simple Chi-town house riff… this SO shouldn't work, but remarkably, it does. It's like a flash back in time to 1988 and it works, I think you'll find, perfectly.

Strange Days is accompanied by Strange Ways (Larry's A Little Bit Crazy Mix), which is an epic nu-disco workout based on a phat arse slo-mo b-line and a sample of some guy talking about Larry Levan… again, it's a simple idea, but devastatingly effective.

Out: A whole week ago, sorry. Just catching up on a couple of things here…

About: This is, as no-one will be surprised to learn, on the Star-Fi Recordings label which Tim co-owns with Steven 'I Am The Woodstar' Wood. Always checkable, website here, MySpace here.

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