Sunday, 20 June 2010

Not sure when these three are out…

…but thought I'd give you the heads-up anyway.

L.E.O – Jazz Hand Boogie EP (F*** House Records)
Actually, I had this down as 'no release date' but looking more closely, it seems it's actually been out since 29 May, shock horror, which makes it practically a golden oldie in house terms these days. Never mind though, cos both tracks – The Boogie and That Jazz – are excellent slices of rollicking jazz/swing-fuelled house, deep but with a smile on their faces.

Mindlo & Essential I - Deep Thoughts Remixed (Next Dimension Music)
No fewer than seven mixes of this quality slab of Afro-tinged deepness from US label Next Dimension Music, so deeper jocks should find something to play. Here's the label website if you want to find out more.

Oh yeah, and those remixes come from Kat La Kat, Maji, DJ Tessen, Iva & Small and Spinnersensation and no, I've not heard of any of those names either but maybe this is one of those "pushing new talent" kinda things...

Silky & Vandermeer - Kundalini EP (Uberbeat)
Can't say I know a huge amount about UK label Uberbeat, but if all their stuff's gonna be this good I shall pay more attention. The six tracks here (three mixes of Paranoid, two of Vuelta and finally Application Of Interest) all tread a deep ’n' techy house path, with one of those spoken poetic vocals on Paranoid that for once doesn't grate. Do check this one – right now you can HEAR IT at the Uberbeat MySpace.

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