Wednesday, 16 June 2010

City Soul Project - Are You Hip?

This latest from City Soul Project sees them once more serving up no-nonsense, classic-style house "for those that remember", shall we say.

Are You Hip? in its original form features some nice Jersey-style sounds, rolling beats and a male voice asking the titular question – and, pleasingly, not every 12 bloody seconds, either! Me like. The Funky Buddah Mix adds phat b-line and shakers for a more west coast kinda feel, while the Mi Casa Mix is a slightly more rollicking take with sub-aquatic sounds and a parping sax line – one for those seriously locked-on 4am kinda moments in the deep clubs.

To be honest, I'd happily play any and all of the mixes, but if pushed I'd say the original is my fave.

Out: Today!

About: City Soul Project are… well, I do know but I'm not supposed to tell you. More importantly, this is no less revered an imprint than I! Records - proof of just how much notice these boys are getting after just a handful of releases. Long my it continue, in the meantime here's the i! Records website, and here's the City Soul Project Mixcloud page, where you'll notice that they seem to have dropped the 'mystery men' thing and ARE actually telling people who they are now. Not sure what happened there then.

Anyway SPEAKING of Mixcloud, I've spent the past couple of days getting this legendary TIWWD radio/podcast-thingy together, or rather starting to. Currently having some minor technical setbacks, but all being well, the first show should be up THIS WEEKEND – how exciting!

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