Tuesday, 29 June 2010

King DJ - Attack Of The Killer Monks

Well, blow me ting is busy right now - hence slowness of blog updates and hence no TIWWD#2 show at the weekend. Still, busy = paying rent, so that's good. Can't neglect the blog entirely though, so first up this week is the latest from Bearfunk.

I get a bit confused cos Bearfunk, Tirk and Nang are all run out of the same office, and all follow a similar musical remit. Turns out though (I learned from a conversation this week) that it's only the same people who do all the mechanical/admin-type stuff, otherwise they're totally independent (and the same ppl also handle a load of trance labels and stuff, though they don't send me that!).

I'm only telling you all this cos I've been on a bit of a Nang splurge lately (oh yeah, and Nang have another compilation coming out in July as well, 'Beach Disco Sessions', which is rather good, in case I don't tell you about it again) so reviewing this might seem a bit favouritist/obsessive. But it's not cos Bearfunk is separate, y'see?

That said, in its Original form, this is absolutely archetypical of that Nang/Tirk/Bearfunk synth-disco sound! The Glimmers Black Hole Dub does however inject a little funk, dare I say blackness? and there's more of the same on b-side Clothes & Counters (both the orig and the Steve Kotey Remix).

Overall, then, quite an interesting cross, sitting somewhere between cold, synthy nu-disco and more organic funk. Me like.

Out: This week

About: I think if I explained any more about Bearfunk you'd thump me. So here's their website and let's leave it at that!

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