Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ost & Kjex - Continental Lover

One of the standout tracks from Ost & Kjex's excellent Cajun Lunch album gets a single release, with remixes from Stimming, UNER and Pawas.

The original, if you've not heard it, is a kind of nu-disco-meets-pop-meets-deep house thing with a "by himself" vocal refrain, a fat bassline and what sounds very like a Theremin at the start. I played this out recently and it went down very well indeed, thanks. Remix-wise, UNER takes the track into more overtly house territory and lends it a good deal more dancefloor urgency, Pawas goes very deep while the Stimming remix, well, it sounds like a Stimming track that's sampled the vocal. If pushed I'd go for UNER's remix but TBH, for me this is one of those cases where it ain't broke, and I'd generally stick to the Original.

Out: This week

About: Norwegian twosome Ost & Kjex have worked with the likes of Jamie Jones and Solomun, and you really should check out Cajun Lunch, you know, it's really rather good! In the meantime you can HEAR all these mixes at O&K's MySpace.

And this is on Diynamic, which is of course Solomun's label (and a regular haunt of Stimming's); find the Diynamic website here.

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