Monday, 7 June 2010

Kid Massive & Jolly – Pride (A Deeper Love)

Thought we'd start the week with this cos it seems quite lyrically apt for a Monday – getting up out of bed and putting on your clothes cos you've got bills to pay, and all that.

Yes, it's the C&C Music Factory classic reworked in a 2010 style by Dane-in-London, AudioDamage Records boss and Kinky Malinki resident Kid Massive, along with Hungarian newcomer Jolly, and with vocals provided by Elliotte Williams N Dure, another new name to me. And yeah, I know what you're thinking… but this actually isn't bad. I still prefer the original but that's cos I prefer the sound of classic house to today's big room house sound – and this is definitely aimed at the big rooms – but compared to many covers that have been butchered classics (there was a particularly shocking version of Sound Of Eden that it still upsets me to just think about) this is okay, and of course the song itself is still as inspiring as always (assuming you're one of those that listens to words, that is).

Mix-wise you're looking at an Original and a John Dahlbäck Remix, plus a radio edit and an acapella. Unless you're gonna get creative with the latter though, I'd stick to the Original cos Dahlbäck's gone a bit trancey-pants on his rub. Well, all right, more just kind of big room electro than trance, but, y'know, big stupid noises for kids. And we don't want those, do we? The Original is more respectful to the, er, original.

Out: Today

About: Think we've covered most of the ground but this is on Caballero Records, so here's their MySpace and their actual proper website. Oh yeah and you can HEAR THIS easily enough on YouTube if you look but I'm not sure they want you to so I won't link to it. You don't want to go around upsetting people on a Monday.

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