Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Various - Prime Cuts 3

So I get sent this album, and the email says its out 28 June, and I listen to it and think yeah, that's pretty cool. And I file it in the 'To Blog' folder, and more specifically in the 'W/C June 28' folder. I'm organised like that.

And then the week commencing 28 June rolls around, and I dig it out again and I look more closely at the PDF press release… and it says it was out in May. Go figure. Anyway, so apologies if you all fell off your dinosaurs grooving to this one or something. But it's still very good, even if it is potentially two months old!

It's a compilation from Beef Records, about whom more below, and it's packed full of quality house grooves - varied enough to hold the attention, but not so varied as to be all over the place, with the overall feeling being towards the techier end of the deep spectrum but still funk-driven… does that make any sense? It does to me.

Some of the names will be familiar – Shur-I-Kan, Ivan Weber, Shades Of Grey - but most won't. And a whole album of quality house/deep house from people you've never heard of… it doesn't really get much better than that, does it? Go seek.

Out: Your guess is as good as mine!

About: I'll confess to not being that aware of Australian label Beef Records before now, but on this evidence I shall certainly be paying more attention in future... how a label can be putting out deep house this good and get to a THIRD compilation before registering on my so-called professional radar, I don't know. I hang my head in shame.

Anyway, according to their website, Beef was "born in Prague, reared in Sydney". They've had 30-odd singles and three (!) label comps out, and describe themselves thus: "an independent electronic music label focusing on house music, tech house and deeper grooves". Which can never be a bad thing, surely?

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