Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sofa Attitude - From Ibiza To Paris EP

Well, here's another exciting development in This Is Why We Danceland, in that this was sent in by someone who actually reads the blog regularly. To be exact, Yann Lebreuilly, AKA one-half of Sofa Attitude.

Yann told me in his mail:

I've been producing sounds since 4 years... releases with my "Sofa Attitude" and never thought that sending you something could have been interesting for you. With my new release I think it could be.

Well, I can see his point – listening to the first From Paris To Ibiza EP, which came out last summer, and the album Urban Love, which I believe came before that, a lot of it's been a bit too downtempo/chill-out for me to be honest. But this EP is different, it's still very mellow but in a housier kinda way: think sunsets at Mambo, loungin' round a Rimini poolside, that kinda thing.

Although the EP's called From Paris To Ibiza 2 there's actually just one track, in three mixes, called Natural Breath. The original is more downtempo, the main mix more housified, and the the Flute Mix, well, you shouldn't need me to explain that one really. All told, it's perfect for some summer chillin', so big thanks to Yann for sending! And do check the previous releases as well if you do dig your downtempo vibes…

Out: Now (or v.soon, anyway)

About: This is on Believe Records, but as I'm assuming that's NOT the Believe Records who are a rock/punk label based in Thailand! That's the only Believe Records I can find online though so I'm hoping Yann himself might post a comment and shed some light... and then we'll see if he really does read the blog! (mwah-ha-ha evil laugh) :-)


  1. I do ;-)
    Thank you for your kind words Russell.

    Out : june 28th (Believe Digital, distributor/label) in every download shops.

  2. There you go peeps you see! Yann, never doubted ya for a second mate! ;-)