Monday, 21 June 2010

Frank Sidebottom RIP

Oh no! Chris Sievey AKA Frank Sidebottom is dead, which will come as very sad news to those of us in England who were kids or teenagers in the 80s... some of us older folk remember that Sievey was also (pre-Frank) lead singer of The Freshies.

Click here to see one of Frank's earliest TV appearances on (UK regional news show) Granada Reports, complete with presenter the late, great Anthony H Wilson. All the Manc legends are dying… :-(

On a more personal note: some 2.5 whole decades ago, me and my best mate Duncan used to do a fanzine and sent some questions off to Frank Sidebottom by post; he duly sent back answers and we ran the interview. We were 15, he was in the charts, how exciting was that? Here's the joke he told us:

What's red and invisible?
No tomatoes.

Gawd bless his soul, and RIP.

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