Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Federico Grazzini - Question

For the first 60 seconds, this sounds like it's gonna be yet another plodding Berlin-style chugger, danceable enough but instantly forgettable… but then, after a big ravey swoop, in come a fat, walking bassline and the Fuk Dat-ish "question!" vocal stabs, and we're looking at something just a little bit housier, and far more satisfying. The Mass Prod Remix on the flip, meanwhile, starts with party/crowd noise and then takes a trip into slightly more epic territories, with its minimal heart worn a little more proudly on its sleeve.

All told, Question won't set your dancefloor on fire, maybe, but it will keep ’em moving for sure.

Out: Thursday (17 June)

About: This is the fifth release on Room 9 records, an Italian imprint run by one Andrea Appolloni. I note from their MySpace they're currently actively seeking demos, which may be of interest to budding producer types.

Federico Grazzini, meanwhile, is resident at Zoo Project in Ibiza, has worked with Alex Neri and Arnaud Le Texier, and had stuff out on SCI+TEC (a label that's much respected even if most of their stuff leaves me cold) so he's hardly a newbie.

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