Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Inside Man/So Flow - VR007

We'll get back to the housey doings shortly but after the dubstep thing from DJ Rum, it seemed natural to move on to this rather fine liquid D&B offering on Vibration Records.

It's actually a split release, with Inside Man contributing Genetic By Design and So Flow featuring Bean offering up Colour Of Laughter. Both tracks can easily be filed under 'liquid', essentially, but to be more specific, the latter features some extremely frenetic top end contrasted by beautifully languid female vocal snips; I like it, but I like Genetic By Design even more, which is slightly mellower on the snares front, but then adds in a positively murky, almost dubstep-ish bassline just when you're not expecting it.

I am aware that it's not particularly hip to like liquid D&B any more, thanks, but frankly I couldn't give the proverbial flying fuck at a rolling doughnut – this is just wicked music. And 'just wicked music' is what TIWWD is all about.

Out: June 5

About: Vibration Records are based in Chedburgh in Suffolk, of all places. They've not had loads out, but on the basis of the excellent Energy Currency album by ATP, not to mention various downloadable mixes n' stuff, you can put me down as a fan. If you dig that Hospital sound, then you'll probably dig Vibration too - find 'em online here.

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