Thursday, 10 June 2010

Deporto - Astra Glide EP

Anyone up for some nice chunky deep house music with a decided disco influence (but in a non-cheesy way)? Yeah, thought so. Well, head for this EP from Deporto then, AKA London twosome Michael Braybrook and James Shipwright. With three mixes of the title track plus three of Musiq Electronique you're bound find something to play…

Sorry this review's a bit abrupt but between reviewing albums for iDJ, preparing stupid jingles for the soon-come MixCloud show I keep promising and doing research for another project I've got on, I'm a bit pushed right now… this is good though.

Out: Saturday (June 12)

About: This is on UK label F*** House Records. That's their asterisks, not mine. I'm not really sure what the point of calling your label that is – were we supposed to be shocked, or something? – but you could always visit their website and ask 'em I guess.

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