Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Carl Handbig - Deepah

Okay, enough of all that open-minded shiznit… now let's get back the proper house music goodness shall we?

First up for this week then, this absolute belter from Carl Handbig, who's a new name to me but who's apparently from Barcelona. Deepah couldn't be more aptly named, it's ultra-deep but still dancefloor, which is no mean feat. It's fat and and it's funky as fuck, while being as far from 'funky house' as Tokyo is from East Grinstead. Just FEEL that bassline, it'll do funny things to your tummy. Me like, lots.

There's a remix from fellow Spaniard Baldo, too, but while his remix is okay, its Berlin-ish, neo-prog overtones can't compete with the arse-shakin' bottom end of the original. Deepah also comes accompanied by Shine NY Tribute, again in two mixes. The original is a more sedate deep houser, eschewing fat, funky b-lines in favour of a more late-night Chicago/Detroit kinda vibe, while the Alex Flatner Remix adds some Syndrum/909-sounding percussion and disco stabs for more of a jackin' dancefloor take. Both rubs are perfectly playable (tho' in different times and different places), but Deepah is the one.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on Clock Records, a new label (this is Clock0002) based, like Handbig himself, in sunny Barcelona. Here's Clock's MySpace, where you can HEAR THESE TRACKS, and here's Handbig's own MySpace too.

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