Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Passionardor - Legacies & Visions EP

Right, well I'll confess to a degree of bias here cos I've known Mark Moore (AKA Passionardor, and no, not the one out of S-Express) for years… he used to write for iDJ and we used to be quite good buddies for a while, though we've not actually spoken for several years now.

’Course that puts you in the awkward position, what if your mate sends you his track…and it's shit? That has happened in the past, believe! Thankfully not in this instance though, as Mr Moore delivers five sterling house cuts. Disco's Revenge isn't a new take on Gusto's Harvey Mason-sampling track of the same name, instead sampling, er, some other disco nugget I can't place right this second, but am sure I own somewhere; Rootz has more of an organic, live-instrument kinda feel and jazzy leanings; In The Thick of it flirts with both nu-disco and jazz-funk (and is probably my pick of the EP), and finally there are more disco-inspired doingz on In The Loop and Hypnotizing.

All told, a very worthwhile package indeed. Phew! Oh yeah, and it's got a horse playing the trumpet on the cover as well. Which is something there frankly isn't enough of.

Out: This week

About: This is on Italian label Gotta Keep Faith, who I don't think have featured on this blog before but who can be found online here.

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