Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Various - Safari Electronique Sampler EP #009

A five-track sampler for Arnaud Le Texier's Safari Electronique label, featuring four tracks (five on the digital version), mostly from new artists plus Le Texier himself.

It's the digital-only bonus cut Zuma Mama by Sonorheque that's the clear standout. A reasonably upbeat number, it features a highly distinctive two-part riff comprising of whistling and what sound like heavily treated chorused male vox (but could be a kazoo or something); it's hard to describe, but once you hear it, it'll be stuck in your head all day. There's some more conventional female African vocals later on in the track, but it's the whistling you'll remember this for. There's not enough whistling on house records, if you ask me…

Also worthy of note is Jazz Set by Antonio De Angelis & Luciano Esse, which is a techy affair on the whole, the 'jazz' part consisting of some nice chords that come in about halfway through, plus some heavily treated vocal snips. Elsewhere, Arnaud Le Texier & Antonio De Angelis's Breath Of Night is fairly standard Berlin-type deep house/tech business to start with, but gets a bit jauntier when the vocal hook (again heavily treated) comes in; Sinc's Ex Bitch is a dark-ish, deep-ish dancefloor stomper with snippets of diva vox, and quite NYC in feel; and Micro On & Vincente's Feel It is a mostly percussive cut and more of a set-filler than anything.

Overall, the vibe is tracky and underground, with hummability low (apart from that riff on Zuma Mama) but dancefloor energy high.

Out: Today!

About: As stated, this is on Le Texier's own Safari Electronique. Here's their website and MySpace.

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