Friday, 15 January 2010

FREE DL: Solo mix of Wiley

More free tuneage courtesy of the Fat! camp… this time in the form of the Solo Loves Garage Mix of Wiley's Never Be Your Woman. Worth checking if you like your UK funky kinda stylings. This mix WILL be on the commercial release, but that's not out till 1 March, whereas this is right here, right now and for free, which is one of my favourite prices. To grab the free download click here.

In other news, finished this month's iDJ house reviews and as ever there was loads of great stuff that there just isn't room for in the magazine, or that came in too late, plus some very fine but non-house bits that are worthy of your attention, so keep 'em peeled… more v. soon. Assuming I haven't eaten too many biscuits and exploded, that is. Or had to nip out to buy new jeans. Note to self: buying a kilo box is a bad idea.

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