Saturday, 16 January 2010

Groove Junkies ft Diane Carter - Midnight 2010

Groove Junkies should perhaps really be called The Groovy Junky now cos it's just Evan these days, but never mind! Apart from losing 50% of the personnel, not much else has changed – you can still rely on the GJs for some good old-fashioned uplifting house music.

That said, this is a remix/reisssue package so presumably Parrish was still involved; what's more, on the lead GJs mixes Midnight is actually a somewhat deeper, chuggier affair than normal. There IS a female vocal from Ms Carter, but even though said vocal is quite diva-tastic, a full-on screamer this is not: more of a heads-down stomper that just happens to have a lady singing on top of it, if that makes any sense.

The Stuttering Munx and Di Pascali mixes are a bit more funky/soulful in feel – I'm not gonna go into all six of them but there's a funky-ass break in the Di Pascali mix that's particularly worthy of your attention. There's a considerably tougher mix from remix comp winner Johnny Dirtbag, too, and finally, this also comes complete with a Stuttering Munx Countdown Tool (it was released just before NYE, y'see) which is obviously a bit irrelevant right now, but that'll be a useful thing to have in the box when NYE rolls around again. Which they seem to do in about six weeks these days.

Out: Now

About: This is on the Groove Junkies' own MoreHouse, as ever. Their actual website is currently having a revamp so for now here's a link to MoHo Stereo where all sorts of streamy mixy podcasty radioy goodness awaits your listening pleasure.

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