Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Various - Fventi EP

Another EP featuring a bunch of up-and-coming artists – four of them, to be precise, all duos and all from Italy. This time with a slightly less techy feel than the Safari Electronique EP below, but still quite tracky and underground.

Outart give us Cheri, which is a tuff, heads-down tech/tribal groove tailor-made for the hipper Ibiza terraces – you can see why they've been getting support from the likes of Loco Dice and Carl Cox. Doslive's Avvocat is musically quite similar (maybe a little less Berlin, a bit more Chicago), but distinguished by its vocal which is… I don't know, Moroccan or Turkish or something? It works okay, though. Autre's Closing Party Session features a mid-’90s tribal beat and shuffly, jazzy brushed snares, then brings in a killer sax line halfway through – a proper epic, frazzled workout of a terrace tune. And then finally AeN's Una Tantum is a more traditional houser, with a walking disco b-line and nods to the harder end of vintage US garage.

There's no crossover-friendly singalongs here and, equally, no daring, paradigm-shifting sonic experiments. Just four solid dancefloor movers, any and all of which I could see working well in a lot of sets by a lot of different DJs.

Out: Today

About: This is an introductory showcase EP for Fventi, the brand new, oddly-named offshoot of the equally oddly-named IANVS71, which itself is a new label to me, though they're already six releases deep. The label is based in London/Ibiza and run by Amor T and System Of Survival. All of which I only know from Googling them five minutes ago, so instead of me just reading stuff and then typing it out again, find out the rest at their website, MySpace, Facebook fan page and (blimey) YouTube channel.

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