Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cubik & Origami - Bought & Sold

This is the latest from Prismatic Tracks, the Moulton Studios-based label that’s fast building itself a rep to match that of more established San Francisco labels like Transport, Salted and Loveslap!

The original comes from the chunkier, techier end of deep house, but features a quirky male vocal that calls to mind David Byrne’s performance on Lazy. It’s complemented by no fewer than six remixes from Q-Burns Abstract Message, Artie Flexs, George Cochrane (x2) and Pete Dafeet (x2). Not gonna go into all of ’em cos there’s a lot to get through today, but my pick would be Pete Dafeet’s slightly deeper, slightly more abstract (and vocal-free) Club Dub; most of the rest push the chunky/techy factor, except for Q-Burns’ rub which is more of a drifty, late-night kind of affair.

Out: Now

About: See above as regards Prismatic, or check ’em out online here. Origami meanwhile has previously collaborated with label boss Andrew Phelan, while Cubik & Origami have had two genre-blending long players out as a duo but this is the debut for Prismatic.

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