Monday, 25 January 2010

tONKPROJECT - One Night Stand

This was first out on Proton Records in 2008, apparently, but I don't remember it from then. Not to worry cos it's now back as the debut release for Etoka Logue, a new off-shoot of Etoka Records.

This is a proper late night, deeper-than-deep affair… one of those tracks that you'd probably need a very specialist/educated dancefloor to play it to. I'd dance to stuff like this but I think most people would class it as a home listening affair. There are three mixes apiece of One Night Stand itself and Portclub, with the dubbed-out Ebencrib Remaster Work Edit of Portclub and the proper driftaway Artette's Aphrodisiac Edit of One Night Stand particularly worthy of your attention. Those are just the pick of a very fine crop though, and there's also a more floor-friendly dub of One Night Stand from Youandewan, a producer I need to find out more about I think cos his name's cropping up quite a bit lately, and always on very good stuff…

Out: Today

About: Etoka Records are based in Liverpool, and were responsible for the excellent (if unimaginatively titled) Various Artists Pt 2 compilation featured on this blog not so long since, which is definitely worth checking. Etoka Logue is one of several new offshoots they've got launching, so things must be going well for them, which is good. Hit up their website for the full skinny and links to EtokaLogue, EtokaShapes and EtokaMiniature.

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