Saturday, 9 January 2010

Some albums, quickly…

Right then, switched on the computer to do some serious blogging but ended up chatting bobbins on Facebook for ages instead.... so just quickly, here's some good albums I've been sent lately and haven't mentioned yet. Mostly these are out now/have been out for a bit, which is another reason they're just getting a quick round-up...

Various - Various Artists Pt 2
Second label comp from Liverpool-based Etoka Records, who describe themselves as specialising in "deep house, electronica and downtempo". This comp is OUT THIS WEEK and definitely worth checking for, can pretty much guarantee you won't have heard of most (if any) of the 10 artists involved but that's what makes it so exciting! Quality deepness ahoy. For the Etoka website, click here.

Various - Fashion House: New York
Latest installment of this series from Germany's Clubstar label. Ignore the glammy shoe-shop packaging cos inside there's some quality deep/underground bizniss from the likes of Tiger Stripes, Blaze, DJ Chus, Loco Dice, Hanna Hais, DJ Meme etc.

John Morales - The M&M Mixes
Nineteen of this 1970s/80s NYC producer's tracks from the vaults, mostly his alternative takes on Salsoul/Tommy Boy/Sleeping Bag classics like Breakin' Down, Weekend, Barely Breaking Even etc. Sometimes the delight is in the subtlest of (re)touches, so this is well worth investigating for all the disco spotters! Out now on BBE.

Toro Y Moi - Causers Of This
Not out till Feb 22 but don't know where/when I'll write about it otherwise. Sort of a chilled take on that whole 80s/electro retro pop vibe… a bit Pet Shop Boys gone Balearic or Mika goes Big Chill, and already getting props from The Guardian and Dazed & Confused, which would normally be enough to put me off. But, for all that, it's actually surprisingly pleasant listening. Emphasis on surprisingly.

Various - Sherm Sticks & Other Nasty Joints
One for those whose tastes are a bit more adventurous, this 60s/70s wig-out is described by the label as "a mix of psych funk, prog, Afro, glam, cosmic, rock and disco". I think it's meant to conjure the eclectic spirt of clubs like The Loft and Paradise Garage, judging from the title… there's some 20 tracks in total so not every one can be a killer but there are some gems here, not least Rasputin's freakified blues-psych take on Spoonful, which you'll know as a Cream (in the Bruce/Baker/Clapton sense) classic, or at the other end of the scale, Syphax's handclappin' disco stomper Skatedance. This is also OUT THIS WEEK, on INgrooves. Cat no LSD002!

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