Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bonnie Drasko - Acid & Fresh EP

It's not often the words 'acid' and 'deep' go together, but here they go together like, well, two things that go together really rather well.

It's the title cut where the real splendiferousness is to be found, starting out as a slab of lush, musical deepness before those 303 scribbles and screeches introduce themselves about two minutes in… nice. Manual Perez turns in a slightly tuffer remix but it's the original for me. Rounding out the EP nicely is We Choose To Go To The Moon, a slice of bouncy dancefloor deep busting a hefty chunk of sampled JFK speech (I looked it up and everything) and a mid-to-uptempo lolloping groove underpinning an incessant staccato/stabby riff and yes, some more nicely understated acid twittering.

Out: Your guess is as good as mine…

About: Acid & Fresh is the work of a 29yo producer from Catalonia, Spain called Marcel F, and is brought to you by Lace Recordings, who are French. You can find out more by hitting up their MySpace… and if you do, like I just did, you'll notice this release was announced on their blog way back in October, so why they've decided to send it in January, fuck knows. I'm confused now, but to be fair it doesn't take a lot.


  1. Thank you for your comment!

    I only wanted to say that my name isn't Marcel, it's Marius, but thank you for your review.

    Bonnie Drasko

  2. Oops, sorry Marius! Only just spotted this post...