Monday, 25 January 2010

MANIK - Park To The Slope EP

What was I just saying* about 'acid' and 'deep' not going together very often? Well, in typical Sod's Law, anything-to-make-me-look-stupid fashion, here comes another track where they do. Oh cruel fate why do you mock me, etc.

Anyway, the track in question is one of three on this EP, and is entitled N Train To Astoria. Here, though, rather than using the 303 super-subtly like the Bonnie Drasko record, it's a bit more like the tune has two faces - the deep one first, then the acid side takes over, then we go back to the deepness. Something of a journey of a track, then, and it's a journey I'd recommend you and your dancefloor taking ASAP. Moving on, Rau Down Low is a fairly no-nonsense tracky number sitting on that techno/house borderline, while title track Park To The Slope itself is more yer straight-up dancefloor deep house, with a nice jazzy, off-kilter, west coast kinda feel. Despite MANIK actually being from New York.

Out: This week

About: MANIK is a 24yo producer from New York (as stated) who also records as Chatterbox. This is his debut for Ovum Records, which of course is Josh Wink's label, and whose website is currently being refurbished so for now you'll have to make do with their MySpace.

*see Bonnie Drasko review, below

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