Saturday, 16 January 2010

Suroh - Sentimentios

Apparently these are actually the '2010 Remixes', but I don't recall ever hearing the original so you'll have to forgive the lack of any comparison. We'll just have to treat this as a new track.

So, the remixer in question is none other than Sandy Rivera, and whatever the original might have sounded like, in his hands Sentimentios becomes a decent slab of house that's kind of deep but in a big room way… that is, it's quite driving and accessible, but it's also heads-down and non-cheesy, the sort of thing you might expect to hear Sanchez play in Ibiza, for instance. In fact, let's be honest, Ibiza is exactly where this is aimed at.

And yeah, if you heard this at, say, Pacha, then it'd no doubt sound great. Personally I can't be doing with the wailing ethnic vocal at all, but you might like it, and anyway there's a Dub that dispenses with it entirely, so that's okay.

Out: Now (but only just – came out on Monday)

About: This is on Blackwiz, which is Sandy Rivera's own label and distributed in the UK by MN2S. Find out more from their MySpace or at the MN2S website.

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