Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Deekline - I Don't Smoke 2010

Am I missing something with this record? I mean, I don't hate it or anything, in fact it quite makes me smile, but I don't see why people love it quite so much as they do. I always thought the original was very silly at the time, and hearing it now just reminds me of that UKG pisstake with the EastEnders theme ("I'll have a can of Coke… coke… coke…").

Still, love it people do, and it's gonna be all over the radio and clubland like a rash for the next few months. So just in case you weren't aware, I Don't Smoke is indeed back, with new mixes from Crissy Criss, Tim Healey, Utah Saints, Krafty Kuts, Ed Solo and Deekline himself. Between them, they've got lots of bas(s)es covered, from warehouse to D&B to breaks to dubstep, so yeah, this should do well. Much to my own surprise, it's the electro-infused Utah Saints rub I'm liking the most.

But I'm still left wondering a) why, having informed someone you don't smoke, would you then go on to list all the things you don't smoke? And b) is that really a sample of Jim 'horrible cunt' Davidson doing his oh-so-hilariously racist 'my mate Chalky' routine?

Out: Late Jan, I believe

About: D'you know what? They haven't told me what label this is on, but as Deekline has about 35 of 'em we'll assume it's one of those. Which is another thing that gets me about this track: Deekline has done some great breakbeat garage and tear-out breaks over the years, not to mention his work with one of the most underrated talents in dance music ever, Donna Dee. So it seems a shame he's best known for a novelty track. But hey.

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