Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ilija Rudman – Call Me Tonight

After the techy sounds of Elliott Wright, below, let's jump right across the spectrum to this latest from Croatia's Rudman, which is a slab of nu-disco that's very funky indeed – albeit in a slo-mo kinda way and without losing any of that essential sang froid.

Call Me Tonight kicks off with a bassline you have to listen to closely to realise it's not a real slap bass; when you do it is of course a bit disappointing, but you soon get over that thanks to the track's nigh-on perfect blend of more organic elements (cowbells, that bassline and what sounds suspiciously like a xylophone) with archetypally nu-disco super-glacial synths. It's one that'll suit the disco dollies and chin-strokers alike. It then gets a makeover from the currently The Revenge, AKA Graeme Clarke from Glasgow, who brings a housier feel to the party, ditching the synths, accentuating the bassline and opting for a 4/4 kick over the swung, almost two-step feel of the original.

Rounding things out is Night People, another Rudman original with more of a boogie kinda feel, thanks to some great geetar action – insistent Chic-y chops and some 70s jazz-funk pedal work. Think some long-lost Larry Levan or Nicky Siano dub of Imagination and you're in the ballpark.

With three high quality, varied tracks then, this is a rather splendid EP for the disco lovers, and it's OUT ON JAN 18.

About: This is on Red Music, which is Rudman's own label. It's only their 16th release in six years, which bodes well on the quality control front… though I must admit I think this is the first Red Music release I've heard. But on this evidence, I might have to do some hunting… In the meantime, they've got a website but it seems to consist of a picture of a motorway at the moment, so here's Rudman's MySpace as well, which has a great deal more in the way of information (though it'd lose to the website in a 'who's got the best picture of a motorway' competition).

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