Sunday, 3 January 2010

Elliot Wright - Dejar

Two mixes of this latest from Wright. Both start well, with one of those whooshing, scraping noises that to me are the very essence of tech-house (y'know, like in Presence's Sense Of Danger). Both then settle down into a groove: tech-y synth sounds, fat rolling bassline and a male voice saying 'How do you know?' (at least I think that's what he's saying) over and over again. The only major difference I can see between the Original Mix and the Fall Edit is that the latter dispenses with the somewhat self-consciously 'funky' elements of the percussion, and is the better for it.

People often accuse deep house/tech house of being 'boring', and it's fair to say Dejar doesn't do a huge amount, or go anywhere very much. But I LIKE deep and tech house and I could listen to those stabby synths and sub-aquatic beats all day… so there. If you're like me, then, you'll want to know that this is OUT THIS WEEK.

About: This comes atcha on Scott Harrington's Endemic Digital imprint. ED is home also to the likes of Colin Dale, Onionz and Greg Mak, whose current single Voyage recently picked up a 9/10 'Recommended' review from yours truly in iDJ, so it's definitely a label that should be on your radar if it's not already: find out more by clicking here.

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