Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I Am The Woodstar - You R The Muzik EP

Ha! No sooner do I big up I Am The Woodstar for "pushing house and techno in strange new directions" in the 2009 review, than he goes and releases an EP of old-skool flavas that, well, doesn't go in any strange directions at all, particularly. Thanks A LOT, Steven!

Never mind, cos this is crackin' anyway. Taking the tracks one-by-one, House Of Funstar is a bouncy, boing-y, midtempo houser with techy leanings. It actually reminds me a lot of the classic Let Yourself Go by Control… but as that's an obscure b-side from 1992 it probably doesn't mean a lot to most people. Suffice to say I loved Let Yourself Go and I'm loving this, too. Oh and it comes with a Lo-Fi's Chilled Mix from Mr Wood's label partner Time 'Lo-Fi' Stoakes as well, which does what it says on the tin – mucho Balearic.

Moving on, Hyper Inactive is pure rave techno nostalgia: this could easily have come out on Rising High, Warp or Kickin' back in the proverbial day. Hear it and you can almost smell the Vicks! Four Thirty Already?, while still essentially a rave/techno cut, is a much housier affair, with a rolling disco bassline. And finally Your Time Is Now is an out-and-out euphoric techno track, dare I say it bordering on trance even, with an indie-ish male vocal. "Ibiza-friendly" is the phrase here I think; it's not my favourite but this is a strong EP all the same.

Out: Well, there, you see. I'm not sure. Now-ish, I think. Or soon-ish if not, certainly.

About: As ever with the starry-eyed woody one, this comes atcha on Star-Fi Recordings. Website here. MySpace here. A brief history of plumbing here. Click which you will, but the first two will tell you more about Star-Fi, to be fair.

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